Elementary schools

Reasons for choosing a DSA elementary school

Our philosophy is to create a creative environment for students to learn the language, the basics of thinking and build the relationship with technology, which they can later use during their studies in high school or university.

We teach children express themselves, go straight, discuss or tolerate their behaviour. The parent is a partner for us, their opinion is important for us. We haven’t only found the school for children, but we’ve also found the school with children.

List of schools:

Private primary school DSA Považská Bystrica

Private primary school with kindergarten DSA Lučenec

Private primary school DSA Prešov

Our priorities:

  • A modern and creative art of education
  • A varied selection of leisure activities
  • Improved foreign language teaching
  • Individualization of education
  • Orientation and creative-humanistic education
  • Above-standard equipment of teaching and technical aids
  • A dynamic, creative and friendly environment based on environmental background and respect
  • Partnership and respect for children’s personalities
  • We support children’s desire for knowledge
  • Prepare children for active problem solving
  • Experiential teaching “What a person experiences is what he remembers for the longest time”
  • We teach children to “learn”
  • We bring children their knowledge in real life
  • Cooperative teaching – teaching through group work
  • We encourage children to overcome themselves, to be better than us
  • We support sports, sports clubs as school partners

Germany – Slovak Academy (DSA), the largest provider of private primary schools, invites young volunteers from German-speaking countries to 3 Slovak out-of-school centres.

Share with young people who love …

  • working with children
  • experiencing authentic life in Slovakia
  • developing skills
  • improving organizational and digital skills.

Accommodation, travel costs and pocket money are covered by the Erasmus + program


Frequently asked Questions:

What is the tuition fee for a private DSA elementary school?

No tuition. The course is free as in other schools.

When can I register my child?

The enrollment deadline is April and is always set by the school principal. However, the child can be enrolled all year round. We are here to help.

Can I enroll my child to study at your school if he is studying at another school?

You can. The transfer of students is the same and applies equally. We are here to help.

Which foreign language can you choose from?

You can choose between English and German. The experience is ideal when students learn both languages.

Is it a Slovak or German school?

Teaching is held in the Slovak language as in other schools and follows the Slovak state educational program. However, foreign language teaching is strengthened by modern teaching methods.

Is it in bilingual education system?

This is not a bilingual study. However, foreign language teaching is being improved and modern teaching methods are being used.

What other benefits does the DSA Private Elementary School offer?

Language exchange stays, educational stays and recreational stays in our center in Slovakia, contributions for language education, contributions for foreign language tests, travel costs, modern interactive teaching, innovative methods and a school open to students and parents.

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