About DSA

The German-Slovak Academy a.s. (DSA) (Aktiengesellschaft nach slowakischem Recht) is the largest provider of private schools and kindergartens in Slovakia. The main educational institutions for the Beruf und Gesellschaft (EBG) are located in Germany, approx. 36 educational centres and several school centres for professional and vocational education with about 2,000 students and kindergartens in Germany.

In Slovakia, DSA operates three primary schools (1st to 9th grade), a grammar school, three technically oriented technical secondary schools and three socio-pedagogically oriented secondary vocational schools, as well as out-of-school care centres and kindergartens. This means that DSA with its educational sites is represented throughout Slovakia. The schools are oriented towards the development of polytechnic facilities and foreign languages. An additional training centre for primary schools and colleges is the vocational guidance in cooperation with the EBG. The goal of the trailer is to motivate for technical training. In the school, high-quality training is used in a modern technique. The main courses in HTL schools and vocational schools are mechatronics, water supply, mechanical engineering and fire engineering mechanics. The DSA school has been attended by about 3,000 students.